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How does the expense management system work?

Accountabl populates expenses from prepaid Mastercards®, employee reimbursements and mileage claims into one expense management software that also monitors CO2 emissions.
Increase visibility and control over purchasing, remove manual processes and encourage sustainable business.

How do you calculate carbon emissions?

Emissions are calculated based on the transaction in the app, including card transactions, manual cash transactions, and mileage claims.
Users receive a notification from the app when they make a transaction with their accountabl card, which includes data that’s used to calculate the associated carbon emissions.
Using the merchant category code, the merchant’s name, or the industry SIC code, accountabl looks up the relevant emission factor in our database.  It’s then applied to the amount spent, to calculate the kg CO2e of the transaction.
For a manual cash purchase, the user logs the transaction and assigns the relevant spend categories which have an associated emission factor. Users can also choose to record the merchant or supplier name, to increase the accuracy of the database lookup for the emission factor.
Mileage claim emissions are calculated when a user logs a journey in the accountabl app. Once they record their origin and destination, assign the vehicle, and input the number of passengers, the platform can look up the relevant emission factor.
The emissions of alternative forms of transport are calculated in the same way, using the mileage or the amount of fuel, depending on the transport type and inputs.

How does accountabl compare to its competitors?

With accountabl you can manage expenses and monitor your purchase and business travel emissions in one place.

Plus, you can access interest-free credit, so you can maintain your cash flow position.

How do you get started with accountabl?

Getting started is quick and easy; it only takes a few hours to implement accountabl.

Firstly, you'll want to look at the plans on our pricing page, and then book a demo to see how the system works.

Expenses for happy companies.

Transform your finances and empower your workers with the business expense software that tracks carbon.