Drive forward with simple mileage tracking and claims.

Easily track company mileage with our Google Maps integration while automating scope 3 business travel calculations for GHG reporting.  

Drive forward with easy mileage claims.
Simple mileage
Instant CO2e

Fast convenient mileage claims

Submit mileage claims on the go by entering the date, start and end points, and receipts. Stay in control by logging vehicles and approvers against users and configuring fuel vs wear and tear.

Comply with HMRC

Set bespoke journey rates based on vehicle type, automatically split VAT for the fuel element of the claim and monitor annual travel distance.

Meet GHG reporting requirements

Cover your bases by logging company vehicles as scope 1 and employee vehicles as scope 3 emissions. Support greener decisions by tracking your team’s impact. 

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How do you calculate mileage claims?

When a user logs a journey in our app, it uses Google Maps integration to calculate its approximate length. There is a 10% leeway for the user to edit the distance, but if they enter a different figure then the journey will be flagged for manager review. The journey is then cross referenced with customisable mileage rates to calculate mileage claims.

How do you process reimbursements?

The reimbursement process for employees using personal funds is simple. They log a cash expense with the app and capture their receipt, their manager is then notified, and they can decide whether to approve the expense. Once approved, the expense can then be reimbursed by your finance team.

Will accountabl work with your accounting software?

Yes, accountabl is designed to work with most packages via native integration or via CSV export. In the configuration section of the portal, check our native integrations or create your own bespoke CSV export template, and save it for future reference.

How do you get started with accountabl?

Getting started is quick and easy. First, you'll want to look at our pricing page, and book a demo. A friendly advisor will then reach out and work with you to confirm your perfect package, whether that’s prepaid, credit, or an accountabl partnership. Once you're happy, we’ll run a few background checks. Your cards will be sent, and you’ll be booked in for a short portal introduction.

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