Fast paper-free reimbursements for happier teams.

Bring your people together with rapid reimbursements for workers using personal funds, reducing time spent out-of-pocket.

Rapid reimbursements for your people.
No more lost receipts with
on-the-go receipt capture
Full visibility so you always
know who is owed what
Manage out-of-pocket
and card expenses together
Avoid surprises by only
paying for your subscription

Remove workplace tensions

Give cash back to your staff fast by empowering managers to approve purchases, ending the hunt for expense reports and missing receipts. 

Simplify bookkeeping

Speed up accounts; upload receipts in seconds, bulk approve in a few clicks, and export expenses pre-assigned to nominal codes. Store receipts for 7 years.

Real-time carbon tracking

Empower your staff to make greener choices when they use personal funds, with our real-time scope 3 business travel and purchase emissions tracking.

Trusted by top teams.

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How do you process reimbursements?

The reimbursement process for employees using personal funds is simple. They log a cash expense with the app and capture their receipt, their manager is then notified, and they can decide whether to approve the expense. Once approved, the expense can then be reimbursed by your finance team.

What can an employer reimburse an employee for?

Whatever you want providing it’s an out-of-pocket expense rather than them using an accountabl card or a company credit card transaction. Out-of-pocket expenses are logged in the app alongside a receipt for manager review. If it’s deemed appropriate, the employee will be reimbursed by the finance team.

What if a worker submits a company card receipt?

When users log receipts they're asked for the funding source along with a VAT receipt and other standard information. Once their manager sees that the receipt stems from a company credit card, they can accept, dispute, or reject it. Accountabl won't reimburse users for company card expenses, but the finance team can post them to the nominal ledgers in the accounts system.

Will accountabl work with your accounting software?

Yes, accountabl is designed to work with most packages via native integration or via CSV export. In the configuration section of the portal, check our native integrations or create your own bespoke CSV export template, and save it for future reference.

Mileage claims for
happier teams

Protect your bottom-line with the expense software with business mileage tracking and simple claims.