How to Submit Expenses

Learn how to submit expense on the new accountabl app

Accountabl Migration: How to log-in

An existing customer's guide on how to log-in to the new accountabl system on the 2nd May

A New Era: Accountabl Migration Announcement

Accountabl Migration Announcement

Business credit card pros and cons

Seduced by business credit cards? There are better ways to manage your expenses, with greater control, more advanced features, and leaner integrations.

4 benefits of greener business

Sustainability helps your business, by making you more attractive to workers, increasing staff satisfaction, boosting profitability, future-proofing your organisation against legislative changes, and more. 

Cutting Allenby’s bookkeeping workload by 85%

A leading property development company, Allenby Commercial delivers high-quality projects throughout Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.

Allenby had issues with workplace spending, worried about poor visibility with credit card and trade accounts, masses of invoices and receipts, and no way for sites to make last-minute purchases.

Working with accountabl, Allenby secured an account with credit terms and gave their staff Accountabl Prepaid Mastercards® with limits and restrictions.

Site workers are no longer waiting for vital purchases to be authorised and the finance team have 85% less admin work, and real-time spend visibility. Allenby have swapped sifting through countless paper receipts for automated allocation of transactions to job and nominal codes.

Allenby can also track the carbon footprint of purchases and travel with confidence, knowing that they can easily make GHG reports and are ready for any future legislative changes.

“We can see which staff members are spending money and where in real-time. Employees are responsible for uploading their own receipts, which has saved our accounts team hours in mundane admin.” 

Andrew Allenby, Managing Director at Allenby Commercial

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