How to Submit Expenses

Learn how to submit expense on the new accountabl app

Accountabl Migration: How to log-in

An existing customer's guide on how to log-in to the new accountabl system on the 2nd May

A New Era: Accountabl Migration Announcement

Accountabl Migration Announcement

Business credit card pros and cons

Seduced by business credit cards? There are better ways to manage your expenses, with greater control, more advanced features, and leaner integrations.


4 benefits of greener business

Sustainability helps your business, by making you more attractive to workers, increasing staff satisfaction, boosting profitability, future-proofing your organisation against legislative changes, and more. 


Effortless expense and carbon tracking for Savills

As one of the world's leading property advisors, Savills PLC employs more than 37,000 people in over 70 countries. As well as the residential market, Savills manages various commercial facilities across the UK, ranging from large shopping centres to rural estates.


The perfect candidate for accountabl, each day Savills faced several challenges. Being an acting agent means it’s tough to sign credit agreements on behalf of their clients, purchase orders for urgent goods are slow, and staff feel uneasy making business purchases with their personal cards. Plus, the team had to authorise countless reactive purchases for day-to-day operations, worth up to £5000.


To help, accountabl worked with Savills to offer each facility a prepaid account with restricted physical and virtual Accountabl Prepaid Mastercards® and a centralised repository of transactional data. Empowering each facility and its workers to make instant purchases in necessities such as fuel and over-the-counter trade, online transactions, and maintain spend oversight.


With accountabl, Savills can start going green by tracking the carbon footprint of business purchases in real-time and create GHG compliant reports effortlessly. They can monitor their impact, meet any requirements, and futureproof their business against legislative changes.

“We used to waste a lot of money authorising low value spend, accountabl has enabled us to decentralise our reactive purchases. We feel in control and the staff can buy what they need to keep the operation running smoothly.”

Emma Taylor, Procurement Manager, Operations, Savills PLC.

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