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Accountabl Migration Announcement

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4 benefits of greener business

Sustainability helps your business, by making you more attractive to workers, increasing staff satisfaction, boosting profitability, future-proofing your organisation against legislative changes, and more. 

2 sustainable business travel tools to use together

It’s more important to go green than ever before, and it pays to get business sustainability right.

But times are tough, the UK economy is shaky, and with increasing pressure on company finances it’s tempting to park your eco goals.

Fortunately, there are ways to cut costs while protecting the planet. One stellar way is to take control of your business expenses by pairing an eco-friendly travel management system (TMS) with a green expense management solution.

Keep reading to learn why this is the perfect combo for sustainable business travel.

But what are they?


Travel management systems and expense management solutions are different but overlapping tools that help you to control your business travel expenses.


A travel management system allows workers to book trips in line with your travel policy. While managers get complete oversight, can set budgets, spend limits, and analyse spending.


Expense management systems are similar but designed to manage expenses more broadly with payment cards, an app to capture receipts, real-time visibility, approvals, and a portal. They often integrate with your accounting package.  


A sustainable future

With increasing pressure on companies to go green, it’s no surprise that the market is adapting to meet the growing need for sustainable business travel. 

COCO+ and accountabl are paving the way by helping businesses to streamline processes, empower workers, and cut costs while saving the planet  

Sustainable business travel with COCO+ 

COCO+ is like Expedia, but for eco-conscious companies. The cutting-edge system ensures workers stick to your travel policy while offsetting the associated emissions and then some at no extra cost, curbing wasteful spending while protecting the planet.

Using COCO+ your staff can book their business travel to create an eco-friendly itinerary, and filter by price as easily as they would on a normal booking site. The difference lies in the emission and offsetting tracking, and the accompanying reports. 

Green expense management with accountabl 

Joining the eco-friendly ranks is accountabl, a revolutionary expense management system that streamlines processes and cuts waste, while encouraging greener decisions.


Managers can set limits, approve expenses, and streamline processes so they can focus on more important things. While workers can say goodbye to being out-of-pocket, buy what they need to get the job done, log journeys, and understand their carbon footprint. 

Because carbon can be mapped to the individual, group, and company level, businesses can identify emission hotspots and find ways to reduce CO2e. Workers are empowered to make a difference, engagement grows, and tricky scope 3 business travel and purchase emissions can be tackled. 

A match made in eco-heaven  

Two really is better than one. Individually COCO+ and accountabl are great, but together they’re unstoppable.


Combined, you can track all elements of your travel for total visibility and a comprehensive understanding of your carbon footprint. Monitor the impact of flights, hotels, and transfers with COCO+, and discretionary expense and mileage emissions with accountabl. 


Plus, you can set limits on expenses so you can go green without breaking the bank. 


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